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All Time Low’s biggest moments of 2013…[in no order]

  • Nothing Personal went certified silver in the UK.
  • "I’d be quite lost without the band.." - AMP ROCK TV did a special Spotlight interview with Alex.
  • Joined forces with SWS, PTV, & OMM to make a Harlem Shake video.
  • Visited a fan in the hospital after the Boston attack.
  • Made multiple appearances in YMAS’ short documentaries.
  • Announced a new weekly internet radio show, Full Frontal.
  • Made an appearance in Pierce the Veil’s, This is a Wasteland.
  • Released a Christmas song, Fool’s Holiday, for Punk Goes Christmas.
  • Joined Keek to share fast short videos  with fans.
  • Completed 2 full tours, The Spring Fever Tour and The House Party Tour, along with a short tour around the UK.
  • The re-release of their 5th studio album reportedly sold 14,000 copies in its first week, making it the 18th best selling independent album in North America, debuted at #19 on Billboard’s Top 20 chart, and charted at #4 on the iTunes chart in the US and Canada.
  • Won Best International Band at the 2013 Kerrang! Awards.
  • Was AP’s Reader’s Choice for Single of the Year for, A Love Like War.
  • #FlyzikOffRadio - Said farewell to two crew members, Matt Colussy (Feb.) and Matt Flyzik (Oct.)
  • Released 3 music videos, Backseat Serenade, A Love Like War, and Somewhere in Neverland.
  • were on tour with Green Day
  • played in front of 60,000 People @ Emirates Stadium

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Another one. Like nobody cares.

Another one. Like nobody cares.

I kinda look pretty in this picture.

I kinda look pretty in this picture.

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